Are you feeling derailed, off-track? 
Afraid you’re on the train to nowhere? 
Have a dream, but lack the steam to make it happen?

Don’t worry, you’ve got Gail!

Hi there, I’m Gail Stone. I’ll help you get a grip and get back on track. As a coach, speaker, author and teacher in the field of personal development, I empower and inspire people with my simple, yet powerful 5-Step Process to get a grip and go on thriving professionally and personally.

I will put you on the fast track to receiving what you want out of life, give you some proven, real-life strategies for success and help you think and act like a Thriver, a person who thrives and flourishes no matter what!

What are your needs?

check mark graphic Is there a challenging problem you have to solve?
check mark graphic A major life change you need to make?
check mark graphic A long-term goal you’d like to accomplish?
check mark graphic An energy boost or burst of inspiration to help you make it through the day?
check mark graphic A lively, persuasive presenter to enliven and empower your employees or radio/TV audience?

Look no further. Below are quick links to the primary ways I can help. You’ll find more by clicking on all the buttons at the top.

Gail H. Stone, helping people to Get a Grip and Go®

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I am certain that all external change starts with an internal shift and that shift often only takes an instant – the moment desire meets momentum. If you supply the desire, I’ll provide the momentum. Now is your time! If you're ready, I'm set, let’s Get a Grip and Go®! To contact me, click here.

Isn’t it time you got on with it, stopped whining and started winning
and enjoying life? 


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