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Click here to become an affiliate and earn 20% of every sale!

My thought is why not “share the wealth”, so that when you see someone whom you think I can help and you recommend them to me, you get a percentage of what they buy – immediately and whenever. I’d love to share that with you and I can if you join my “affiliate” program.

That way you’ll earn 20% from everyone who comes to my website through you and buys something. They don’t have to buy right away, in order for this to work. And that person gets labeled in my system as yours, so that every time they buy anything, it rings up in your “cash register”. How cool is that?

The best thing about this is that it’s mostly passive revenue, so you don’t have to do much in order to see a return. (Of course, you can if you want. Go get ‘em, my dear!) I’ve enrolled in both the CoachVille and Product Factory affiliate programs and, I have to tell you, when I get a Product Factory email saying “Gail, you made a sale” or I check my CoachVille affiliate account to see that there’s a balance in there, I cheer. And I’ve done little for either so far except to post CoachVille’s link on my website and send out one email for the Product Factory. I will also list both links on the new Resources area on my website, as that’s painless and no hassle.

I look at these affiliate programs as a very cool way for friends and colleagues to help each other. In fact, I’ve just joined two other affiliate programs run by cool coaches, as I also think this is a great way to build revenue and help others at the same time. And, it’s a three way win truly – because the folks I recommend to others and you would recommend to me are also receiving great value. I’d never recommend something I didn’t believe in and I know you wouldn’t either, which is why I’m inviting you to “play with me”.

Click here to become an affiliate and earn 20% of every sale!

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Gail H. Stone,
The Get a Grip and Go®! Coach, Speaker, Certified Teleclass Leader

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