I will be posting articles here which were written by me and other friends, colleagues, etc. This first one was first written by me several months after my sister-in-law suddenly died and then updated a bit when we lost my godfather. If any of you have experienced the awesome grip of grief, perhaps this article will resonate. Feel free to share it with others – just keep the copywright at the bottom.

Coping with Grief – It’s Called Living Through It

“ Dad, I tried to wake Nana, I think she’s dead.”
“Grandpa died yesterday.”
“ Oh my God, Daddy’s dead.”
“ Uncle Jack died today.”
“ Grandma died last night.”
“ I’m standing with the body of your deceased father-in-law.”
“ Hon, I think we should get a divorce.”
“ I’m sorry, but we weren’t able to resuscitate your mother.”
“ Mike called. He thinks Mary is dead.”
“ I’m sorry to leave this on your voice mail, but Uncle Andy died last night.”

This litany of phone calls and conversations on death or parting has all occurred in the past 30 years of my life, most in the last 20. Whether I was the one delivering or receiving these messages, the speaking of each one was the start of the long, seemingly endless process of grieving. Often, I felt so sucker punched that I doubted I could go on. Getting up the next day seemed impossible, yet somehow I almost always did. (read the rest...)


The Thriver’s Secrets to Success
It Starts With Your Attitude – Get a Grip and Go®!

 What impact would it have on your professional and personal life if you could learn the secret of successful living known by about 25% of the people? Think about that for a minute and even pause right now and write some thoughts down. How would your life be different if you operated like a “thriver” – a person who thrives and flourishes no matter what life throws at him or her? (read the rest...)


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