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Are “can’t do” attitudes, sagging morale and survivor mode performances having a negative effect on your bottom line?

In need of a burst of energy and inspiration to enliven and empower your employees/organization?

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“Gail – We got about 40 evaluations turned in out of 80 participants. They loved you! Some of the comments: ‘Keynote speaker, Gail Stone was delightful!’…’Excellent’…’Great morning, broadened horizons’…’Thanks, I learned a lot’. Thanks, Gail!”

- Dawn Potter, Care New England/Healthtrax

“I have received nothing but positive reports about your presentation. Many thanks for your talk. It was definitely a hit!”

- Lynn Giroux, Essex Saving Bank

“You were simply fabulous with your presentation and in the way you connected with our club’s members. We loved you and appreciate the time and energy you put into your talk. Thanks for showing us the way to Thrive!”

– Nick Mougey, Mougey Marketing and Communications

“I would like to thank you for a very motivating (and fun) evening. Your talk could not have been more appropriate for our group at this time. I will keep you in mind for other speaking engagements. Thank you again; I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.”

- Corrine Barone, Décor Designer

"Gail did a great job incorporating our diocesan school-wide theme with her "Get a Grip and Go!" philosophy. Her resources enabled our teachers to continue to learn more about the positive drive which can transform our work/school environment. Her energy is contagious."

- Phyllis Bussing, Director of Schools, Diocese of Evansville

If you are looking for a highly energizing, lively keynote presenter, you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in getting people up on their feet to interact with one another and learn while having fun. No bored faces in my audiences!

From the opening moment through to the rousing, on-your-feet finish, I will enlighten, involve, inform and entertain your people. I will get them thinking. I will show them how to shift their operating style and change their attitude and approach to life, so that they can start thriving and flourishing professionally and personally.

"If you're looking for a dynamic, personable and engaging speaker to re-energize and motivate your staff, Gail Stone is a must-have! I recently asked her to deliver a thought-provoking presentation that would get my sales team keyed up to increase their sales results. Gail not only took my request and ran with it, she developed key and relevant presentation material to match my team's mission and objectives! Her can-do style, likable demeanor and ability to get the job done, makes her such a valuable asset to the presentation circuit, we look forward to working with her again!"

Ronnette B. Earle - Regional Sales Manager - Watson Pharmaceuticals

"I recently attended Gail's Thriver's presentation. Whoa! It should have come with a warning! Warning: "You will be energized. You will be inspired. You will learn great insightful and practical tips and techniques that you can start to use right now." I have experienced many seminars and Gail stands out as a person with such authentic and infectious passion and energy that you can't but help to love her and what she has to share. Gail rocks!"

- George Fleming, Coach & Speaker,

My Four Inspiring Presentations:

Thriver  - not Survivor - The Real Winner in the Game of Life! 10 Successful Secrets to Take You to the Top

Why simply survive, when you can truly thrive through life? These success secrets will show you how to: creatively reframe challenges into opportunities, act “as if” you already are the powerful person you know you could be, attract more good with an attitude of gratitude, stop whining and start winning. And much more! Contact Gail for further details.

Can’t Sell Yourself to Save Your Livelihood? You Could If You Knew the Thriver’s Secrets to Sales Succe$$

Are you a solo-professional, small business owner or new sales person struggling with the sales process? Learn how to use the two prime principles known by all successful sales pros and magnetize sale$ coming to you with these secrets to success. And much more! Contact Gail for further details.

Unleashing the Power of Y-O-U:How to Create Mastery in Your Life and the Lives of Others

As a leader, you can either affect or infect the attitudes of the people around you and their attitudes impact your end result. Learn how by positively influencing people, you will inspire teamwork, increase productivity, decrease stress and put the passion and purpose back in your life and the lives of others. And much more! Contact Gail for further details.

Get a Grip and Go®! 5 Simple Steps to Receiving What You Want

When you are facing a challenging situation, you have the choice – to choke or choose to Get a Grip and Go®! Learn how create a clear vision, shift your attitude, set a magnetic intention, design a powerful action plan and remove the blocks to success. And much more! Contact Gail for further details.

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