Here’s what you’ll get with your power-packed Thriver CD:

Track 1 – Why Survive, when you can thrive? The Thriving Instinct and why it’s important!

Track 2 – What is the attitude of a champion? How to shift from pessimism to optimism, plus the hardiness trait and how it helps!

Track 3 – What is a Creative Solutions Expert? The importance of asking for support; how intentionally seeking to be happy makes all the difference, and how to start doing this right away!

Track 4 – How to thrive in the face of health challenges with 3 keys to healing yourself; the 3 Golden Rules of Thrivers; the reason to bloom where you’re planted – and more!

Track 5 – Using an attitude of gratitude to activate the law of attraction; the importance of acting “as if” and why it works; plus Thrivers’ Secrets #1-4 - and more!

Track 6 – Thrivers’ Secrets #5-10; how hope and optimism are critical to thriving, the bottom line attitude of a thriver – and even more!